Other SWEP Organizations

Here is a list of other SWEP organizations nationwide. If you've found us, but are closer to another SWEP organization, please feel free to contact your local chapter.

Capital Chapter

Capital Chapter of The Society of Women Environmental Professionals
Harrisburg, PA
website: www.swephbgpa.us

Connecticut Chapter

Connecticut Society for Women Environmental Professionals
website: www.swep-ct.org

New Jersey Chapter

website: www.NJSWEP.org

North Carolina, Triangle Chapter

website: www.swepnctriangle.org

Philadelphia Chapter (National SWEP)

The Society of Women Environmental Professionals of Greater Philadelphia
website: www.swepweb.com

Rocky Mountain (Denver) Chapter

The Rocky Mountain Chapter serves as a resource for women throughout the Rocky Mountain region.
Denver, CO
website: www.swepcolo.org